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Joe Normal Standing Under Spotlight In Stairwell“His albums are excellent! I bought a bunch of copies and was giving them out like candy to people I felt would appreciate great music. It doesn’t get much better than this” – (Indie Music Buyer)

“JOE’s tonality leans toward artists like Donovan, Elvis Costello, the Beatles and Oasis. What is evident is he has his own sound, delivered with an earnest sense of conviction.” – Music Biz Magazine

“The coolest artist to emerge since BECK!”                                    – University Times (Cal State Los Angeles)

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be from Joisey  to write good songs, but there must be something in the water that compelled songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon to pick up a guitar and write about their experiences in a way that still touches people’s lives… and now that tradition continues with fellow New Jersey artist JOE NORMAL®

JOE’s roots extend to work with legendary Punk icon Stiv Bators, red-rocker Sammy Hagar, and media giant Howard Stern. Comparisons to Paul Westerberg (Replacements) and Paul McCartney (Beatles) have been made before, yet JOE stands apart as a songwriter in his own right, touching on themes such as parenting a special needs child, humility as an artist, and his usual fare of alcohol, hope, love, and loss.

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